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Board Committees

In exercising its duties, TAIC's Board of Directors is assisted by a number of specialized committees.

The composition of these committees is as follows: 

High Investment Committee:

Eng. Yousef Ibrahim Al-Bassam Chairman
Mr. Ali M. Redha AlHaj Jaafar Member
Mr. Ali Milad Zaidi Member
Mrs. Fouzia Zaaboul Member
Mr. Ahmed abdulla. Al Mehairi Member
Mr. Nael mohamed Al Homoud Member
Mrs. Taif sami AL Shakarchi Member

Risk and Asset Committee:

Mr. Yusuf Abdullah Humod Chairman
Mr. Khaled AbdulAziz Al-Hassoun Member
Mr. Abdullah Humaid Al Mazrouei Member

Audit Committee :

Mr. Ahmed A. Elsayad Chairman
Mr. Omar Abdulaziz Al Hamid Member
Mr. Saleh Abdulaziz Al Sheikh Member


Nominations and Compensation Committe :

Eng. Yousef Ibrahim Al-Bassam Chairman
Mr. Yusuf Abdullah Humod Member
Mr. Ahmed Abdelrehim Elsayad Member
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