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Board Committees

In exercising its duties, TAIC's Board of Directors is assisted by a number of specialized committees.

The composition of these committees is as follows: 

High Investment Committee:

H.E.Mr. Abdulaziz Salih O. Alfuraih Chairman
Mr. Mishal S S Alotaibi Member
H.E. Dr. Najla Mohmad Elmangoush Member
Mr. Abdullah Salim Alharthi Member
Mr. Majed Khamis Al Darmaki Member

Risk and Compliance Committee:

Mr. Abdullah Salim Alharthi Chairman
Mr. Ashraf Mohamed M Negm Member
Mr. Khalid Bin Saoud Al-Thani Member

Audit Committee :

Dr. Abdullah Abdul Rahman Alnamlah Chairman
Mr. Sultan Ahmed Aljunaibi Member
H.E. Mrs. Taif Sami AL Shakarchi Member


Nominations and Compensation Committee :

Mr. Majed Khamis Al Darmaki Chairman
Mr. Khalid H Alomar Member
Mr. Nawaf Hashem Alsadeh Member
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