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Treasury and securities Investment Services
Treasury and Marketable Securities Department manages TAIC’s Investment Portfolios. In addition, the department is in charge of managing the Company’s liquidity through inter-bank money market operations. Other services offered include:
•    Acceptance of deposits.
•    Foreign exchange (spot and forward) trading and futures options for own account or on behalf of customers.
•    Money transfers and collections on behalf of the customers.
•    Marketable securities trading on behalf of customers.
•    Management of mutual funds.

TAIC Branch in Bahrain, supported by its excellent in-house expertise and sizeable financial resources, stands ready to provide its customers with adequate and timely commercial and investment services, as outlined above.
Should financing requirements exceed the maximum accepted limits to a single obligor, the Branch management will consider arranging syndicated facilities for its customers in collaboration with other banks and assume the Agent bank’s role. TAIC Branch, on the other hand, participates in syndicated facilities arranged by other banks should they meet its investment criteria.
TAIC’s management is keen to develop a mutually rewarding business relationship with its customers on sound professional basis.
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